Why and When Big Data

Training courses to understand the Big Data world and its relations with the Semantic Web.

Epistematica organizes training courses on Big Data with the aim of helping our customers get information and know-how on technologies and instruments to manage large volumes of data that are impossible to store and retrieve efficiently through conventional technologies.

This courses are focused on the interaction between Big Data and Semantic Web Technologies.

Epistematica offers the following training courses:

  1. Think Parallel – If multi-threading is not sufficient, think multi-node: 1 day
  2. Semantic Web – From Big Data to Big [Semantic Metadata + Data] – 3 modules:
    1. Linked Data – Designing, building and managing Linked Big Datasets: 2 days
    2. Inference – Performing nRQL (RacerPro‘s expressive query language) over a multi-node environment: 2 days
    3. Vertical Applications – Designing Knowledge-driven Systems: 3 days
  3. Consultancy package – Exploiting Designers, Developers and Data & Knowledge Modellers: 3 days pack

  • For more information and prices, please contact us at info [at] epistematica.com