Sixth edition of the “Epistematica Seminar” at Sapienza University of Rome


For the Academic Year 2012-2013 the course “Knowledge Representation Basics” will start on February 25th 2013, at the Philosophy Department, Villa Mirafiori, 2 Via Carlo Fea, Rome.

The course is reserved to the students in Philosophy that are interested in Logic and Artificial Intelligence.

The objective of this course is to transfer the basic expertise in Description Logics, OWL-DL, ontology editors like Protégé and automated reasoning tools like RacerPro. Hence, this course offers to the students a professionalizing experience about the new Semantic Web technologies application.

This course is suitable to fulfill the request posed to the students by the University to spend a training period as interns in order to acquire skills and competences, valuable for their approaching of the world of work in the new emerging job position as “Data & Knowledge Modeler”.

Dr. Marco Romano and Dr. Eng. Noemi Scarpato will hold the course.

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