Tools to maintain, share and navigate ontologies

Epistematica builds Knowledgebase-driven Systems based on the W3C Standards for Semantic Web.

The systems are designed and developed also using our own software: EpiK, EpiW, EpiN.

  • EpiK

    Multi-Domain Ontology*

    is a graph-structured ontology that formally describes the business value of data.
    Data items are described in terms of their applications, and these descriptions are represented as statements in formal logic (Description Logics), thus allowing for the use of inference procedures (automated reasoning).
    EpiK can be used on top on virtually any kind of data, from Linked Data datasets to more traditional relational databases.

  • EpiW

    Ontology Server*

    is the software component that contains EpiK.
    It is a Web Service, and it’s used as a knowledge-based component in Service Oriented Architectures.
    External components can access its interface and use its operations to query the ontology, thus exploiting the knowledge contained in EpiK by means of formal deduction algorithms (automated reasoning).

  • EpiN

    Fast Domain Navigator*

    is a Web Application that provides a graphical visualization of the knowledge contained in EpiK.
    This can be used to visually navigate and query the ontology, thus providing knowledge-based access to data.
    EpiN can be used as the main Graphical User Interface for end users, and can be integrated in existing user interfaces as well.

*Tools derived from software developed for ESA – European Space Agency