The second edition of the Advanced Course for Data & Knowledge Modeller started

Linked Data – the Web of Data – is the first, the simplest and the most tangible application of the Semantic Web standards.  Initiatives to express data through this modality are increasing worldwide, in public administrations as well in private companies.

We believe that new professional profiles will be required. We must be ready to fit the needs of a market that is more and more engaged with the linked data. This is why we organized the Advanced Course for Data & Knowledge Modeller, this year at its second edition.

Even Italy is moving its first steps in this direction. We know that in the close future, the organisations will be increasingly committed to the publication of their data-sets and to provide them with the right semantics to be linked with other resources – thesauruses, ontologies, other data-sets etc …

Epistematica aims at teaching and applying the theory in contexts that are very close to the ones of the real industrial practice.  We want to provide the students with the skills required to operate effectively on the working world.

The course is entirely designed and managed by Epistematica. It started in the second half of September and it is articulated into four sessions, held every two weeks.

The course offers an overview of the different languages for  Knowledge Representation and for the interrogation of knowledge bases, as available in the context of the semantic web standards. Moreover, the practical sessions strictly follow the work-flows Epistematica developed in the last years, according to the experience the company had with its customers.