RoboCup 2006 and 2007, Epistematica was the Sponsor of S.P.Q.R. Legged Team

Walter Veltroni

S.P.Q.R. Legged is the team of four-legged robot Soccer Players of the Sapienza University of Rome, wanted by the Artificial Intelligence Prof. Daniele Nardi.

It is managed entirely by computer science engineering students, coordinated by Prof. Luca Iocchi.

RoboCup is the annual World Championship for soccer robots teams, where the best teams in the world play together performing enjoyable challenges.

RoboCup 2007

RoboCup2007From July 1th to 10th the World Football Robot Championship, RoboCup 2007 has take place at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA. Epistematica has sponsored the American expedition of S.P.Q.R. Legged (Soccer Players Quadruped Robots), the Italian team from the Sapiensa University of Rome.

RoboCup 2006

RoboCup2006From June 14th to 18th the World Football Robot Championship, RoboCup 2006 has happened at the local fair rooms in Bremen, Germany. This year too, Epistematica has sponsored the German expedition of S.P.Q.R. Legged.

For the world championship preparation phase, S.P.Q.R. Legged played a friendly match against Dortmund University’s team, called Microsoft Hellhounds, which finished 4 to 0 for the German team, the word class European championship.

For more information visit the S.P.Q.R. Legged Team Website.