Linked Data and Open Data Seminar at Sapienza University of Rome, May 3th 2012

What philosophers actually bring in spreading the Knowledge

With the course on “Knowledge Representation”, Epistematica offers Philosophy students at Sapienza University of Rome the occasion to face an emerging activity – and a possible working opportunity for many of them – such as the adoption of semantic technologies in order to share knowledge and improve the access to information through computers and especially in the Web.

Now, shortly after the conclusion of the fifth edition of the course, Epistematica and the Department of Philosophy of Sapienza University propose a seminar to take stock of the situation on Linked Data and on the perspectives for philosophers concerning this activity. It is even more interesting now that the efforts towards a Semantic Web have been re-organized in the Linked Data initiative.

What Linked Data is precisely? How Linked Data and Open Data relate each other? Which opportunities do they offer to philosophers? And what philosophers may bring to the Linked Open Data movement?

On May 3rd professor Roberto Cordeschi and the lecturers of the “Knowledge Representation” course (Marco Romano and Noemi Scarpato) will discuss about these issues with Philosophy students of Sapienza University and Epistematica’s CEO Luca Severini.

Thursday May 3rd, 2.30 pm, Lecture hall 1, Departmente of Philosophy – Sapienza University of Rome, Villa Mirafiori, via Carlo Fea 2, Rome, Italy.