Epistematica Seminar at Sapienza University of Rome, February 23-29th 2012

Now at its fifth edition (first in the 2007-2008 Academic Year), the course on Knowledge Representation is intended to offer students from the Faculty of Philosophy a professionalizing experience, hence suitable to fulfill the request posed to the students by the University to spend a training period as interns in order to acquire skills and competences valuable for their approaching of the world of work.

The corse is offered by Epistematica, the Italian company involved since 2005 in the valorization of the information collected and stored by its customers (in form of data, documents, know how…) by means of instruments based on Knowledge Representation.

Epistematica firmly believes that the forthcoming ‘Knowledge Society’, evolution of present ‘Information Society’, will require a new, fundamental kind of professional capable to care for the conservation and transmission of the most valuable asset of any organization: its Knowledge.

This couse is offered precisely to prepare the professionals who will respond the need of having ‘a philosopher in every organization’ Dr. Marco Romano and Dr. Eng. Noemi Scarpato will hold the course.

Seminar for 6 CFU.