Thinking Knowledge as a Service

Epistematica has been the first company really engaged on the application of Semantic Web Technologies in Italy.

In 2005, year of Epistematica’s  establishment, it was common opinion that a bit of NLP and some Knowledge Management were enough to create the Semantic Web. DBpedia did not exist, yet.  Linked Data was only in the mind of the most visionary people. The Web was still completely syntactic.  All the attentions were on the Web Services. The Web 2.0 was blooming.  However, the focus was only on data automation and data access, that was “Data as a Service”.

At that time Epistematica dealt with Corporate Semantic Web, designing and realizing Knowledge-driven Systems based on OWL, Description Logics and Automated Reasoning.  As the Web was, nothing more could have been done.

Today Semantic Web Technologies are spreading rapidly. The number of resources for sharing the universal semantic on the Web are increasing considerably. New services, which use the knowledge inside the semantic metadata through technologies such as RDF and Open Graph Protocol, born every day. The knowledge is now automatically used by a new class of services like Google Knowledge Graph and Facebook Search Graph. The semantic interoperability is a fact and the services automation is its consequence. The Web 3.0 is finally a reality.

Today, as when it was founded, Epistematica envisions “Knowledge as a Service”!

Luca Severini, founder of Epistematica


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